Hello! I'm Patbox!

I'm a Fabric modder trying to make Minecraft's Server Modding ecosystem better one mod/library at the time.

Mods (Minecraft)

Armor Stand Editor

It's a simple, in game, server side Armor Stand editor. It's great way to allow users to add details in a simple way. Additionally, it's fully survival friendly, so it can be safely used on survival (and alike) servers.

Ban Hammer

Simple, customisable punishment utility mod for Fabric. Allows moderators to permanently/temporary ban, mute or kick players. Supports Fabric Permissions API used by LuckPerms and PlayerRoles. Every user facing message is configurable with support of advanced formatting It has build in support for SQLite and MySQL databases.


Brewery is a Fabric/Quilt compatible mod allowing you to create alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with cauldrons and barrels. Aside of few builtin ones, you can add any number of custom drinks with their own recipes and functionality by using datapacks. Additionally, this mod can work purely server side, allowing vanilla clients to join and use its capabilities.

While this mod is inspired/based on ideas from Sn0wStorm's Brewery plugin for bukkit, it isn't compatible with its configs/items as this one is powered by Polymer

Entity View Distance

This mod allows you to modify distance in which entities become visible! It works on client and server, while not being required on either (aka vanilla clients/servers can still connect). Ideal if you want to limit rendering distance of item frames, armor stands, and any other (including modded) entities without changing the rest.

Get Off My Lawn ReServed

Get Off My Lawn ReServer is a take on the popular concept of player claims for Survival/Freebuild Fabric servers. This mod works fully server side (no client mod required!) while being compatible with major Fabric modpacks

This project is a fork of Get Off My Lawn by Draylar, with main focus on improving and building on top of original.

Glide Away!

Did you ever want to glide away, but Elytra wasn't what you looked for? Maybe you wanted something, that felt a bit more balanced? Or maybe you just didn't want to wait until you get into the end? If so, you might like this mod!

Glider Away! is a Polymer-powered Fabric (and Quilt) Server Side modification adding Hang Gliders to the game! Ideal for your survival server where you play with people who don't want to install any mods. It still does work in singleplayer through!


A Fabric mod that allows you to render an image onto a map(s), allowing you to display it on your vanilla compatible server!

Originally created by TheEssem, currently maintained by me.


Wanted to decorate your world bit more? Add some sign posts directing through the world, some benches in the park to sit on or shelves in your house to put items on?

PolyDecorations is Fabric (and Quilt) server side modification powered by Polymer which multiple decorative blocks such as wooden benches, shelves, sign posts and braziers! It's ideal to add to server you play with your friends, that don't want to install mods on the client.


Polydex is a mod allowing you to see player-friendly information about blocks and items on servers. It's designed for survival-like, vanilla client compatible servers using Polymer mods or PolyMC, through it can be used in modded or vanilla-content setting!

It can display tooltip (as a bossbar or sidebar) with basic information about targeted block or entity similarly to mods like WTHIT/HWYLA/WAILA.

It also adds simple way of checking recipes of items with chest gui interface inspired by mods like Roughly Enough Items / Just Enough Items.


Ever wanted to play with tech mods, but people you play with don't want to install them? Or maybe you are making a server, but vanilla gameplay isn't enough? If so, this project will be ideal for you!

PolyFactory is Fabric (and Quilt) server side modification powered by Polymer which adds new mechanics, blocks and tools allowing for further automation, processing and storage (or in simpler terms, it's a tech mod)!

Styled Chat

It's a simple mod that allows server owners to change how their chat looks! It supports changing style per player with permissions (supports LuckPerms and PlayerRoles).

Styled Nicknames

It's a configurable mod allowing your server's players (and admins) to change their nickname with full Simplified Text Formatting support. It supports LuckPerms, PlayerRoles or any other fabric permission api compatible mod, with automatic removal of nicknames for players without permissions.

Styled Player List

A mods that allows server owners to style their player list as they like! Supports having multiple, user-selectable styles with full permissions support.

Styled Sidebars

This mod allows you to create dynamic and server side sidebars (using scoreboard) with all functionality you need! Supports static, scrolling (with looping) and paged sidebars with full support for Text Placeholder API and compatible mods.

Universal Graves

It's a simple, but really customisable grave/death chest mod! You can change how every message, block and hologram looks, how long it will be protected, if should drop items after expiring, etc. It works fully server side, so you don't need it on your client to play on servers using it. Additionally it supports singleplayer and is used by multiple big fabric modpacks.

Universal Shops

Universal Shops is a Fabric (and Quilt compatible) trade shop mod designed to be flexible and usable in many types of servers. It works purely server side (still works on singleplayer), so it can work on your vanilla client compatible or modpack based servers. It includes craftable, Trade Shop block for players and Admin Trade Shop for admins/map makers. Setup of both is the same.

Polymer Ports

Polymer Ports is a project for porting exising, Fabric both side required mods to server side with Polymer and other of libraries.

Libraries (Minecraft)

Common Economy API

This is simple api for flexible and universal economy mod integrations. It allows mods to create their own providers, currencies and accounts.

Common Protection API

This is simple api for mods to check if action is allowed in a region. Its main idea is to have one single common api for checking against multiple mods.

For claim/protection mods, it adds simple handler system you can implement.

Map Canvas API

Simple, server side api for drawing on maps with runtime only state and no id collisions! It can be used from own thread for better effects/more fps.

Placeholder API

It's a small, jij-able API that allows creation and parsing placeholders within strings and Minecraft Text Components. Placeholders use simple format of %modid:type% or %modid:type/data%. It also includes simple, general usage text format indented for simplifying user input in configs/chats/etc.

Player Data API

Micro library for storing additional data for players, that isn't stored with main entity NBT.


It's a library for creating server side content, that work for player's without mods or (required) resource packs! You can create blocks, items and entities, that not only will work fully on server side (and singleplayer), but also are represented on server the same as normal (vanilla/modded) ones (unlike bukkit/spigot ones, that are stored as vanilla block).

This library also should work correctly with other, non-polymer mods and PolyMC!

Predicate API

It's simple api for any type of mod requiring some player-specific checks. It provides codec-based api for reading them and a method to register custom ones, allowing for simple mod compatibility.


It's a small, jij-able library that allows creation of server side guis (chest/furnace/villager/etc) in a quick and simple way.

Other Projects


AnotherMC.pl is a polish Minecraft survival server. It doesn't have any P2W things, as it was always made for fun. It started on december 2018 (as Boxcraft.ga and later Boxcraft.eu). It was renamed to AnotherMC with first map reset. From 1st to 3rd map it used Paper/Spigot as it's base and with 4th one switched to Fabric. 5th one was on AOF4 pack after which it got abandoned for few months. It got a rebooted on 10 July 2022, again working with vanilla clients. Utilizing many new server side tools, from my mods, Polymer Ports and regular mods running with PolyMc.

It is currently on its 6th map.

BombFighters (WASM4)

A Bomberman-esque PvP game, written with AssemblyScript and Wasm4/ Player vs Player game where you try to explode your oponents! Let the best player win! Inspired/Based on multiplayer modes in 2d Bomberman games.

Originally created for April Fools 2023 on Nucleoid server.

Cobblestone Classic

Cobblestone is a server for Minecraft Classic 0.30. It's written in Typescript and running with Deno! This project isn't complete yet and it still lacks some of minor features (they still can be implemented with plugins).


NucleoidMC is a minigame Minecraft server build on top of open-source mods, fabric and modern versions of Minecraft. I originally joined it in 2020. Later contributed some maps and when I learned modding, I started contibuting code, new minigames (Destroy the Monument and Build Battle) and libraries. Currently I'm part of core team and lead of tools & library development.

VoxelSrv (Noa/TS version)

VoxelSrv is a voxel game inspired by Minecraft, where you can build, mine and craft (not implemented yet). This game is still in early development, so many features might be not implemented yet! It support Singleplayer and Multiplayer (requires hosting own server).

Currently development has been dropped, but I want to resurect it in some way.

Discontinued Mods (Minecraft)

Biome Technologies™

This mod adds machines/tools related to biomes and modification of them. This mod can run purely server side, however it's compatible with singleplayer and modpacks. When used on client or with Polymer's server resource pack, guis will use custom textures.

Originally made for Modfest: Singularity (2022)

Hologram API

It's a small, jij-able library for creating server side holograms showing text, items or even entities. They can be fully interactive with different actions depending on where players click.

Replaced with Polymer Virtual Entity API


Simple mod that allows to create of server side holograms with full support for formatting and items. Everything is created on packet level, which means commands or other mods shouldn't break them. Formatting uses PlaceholderAPI's Simple Text Format. It also supports usage of placeholders from Placeholder API.

Not Enough SUS

A joke mod created for April Fools 2023. It makes every single entity (including non alive ones like Items, Armor Stands, Minecarts), use a model based on player characted from Among us game.

It works purely server side and uses Polymer Core and Polymer Virtual Entity APIs to achive that effect.

Physics Toys

Ever wanted to toy around with physics (with your friends or alone) on your Minecraft Server? But you also didn't want to install anything on the client? Then this mod is ideal for you!

Physics Toys adds few items that allow you to move and destroy things with power of "realistic" physics! You can also kill things with it!

Powered by Rayon, which is required!


This mod isn't currently actively maintaned!

Vanilla minecarts are somewhat lacking. They are one of worse transportation method in vanilla game and this mod tries to fix it! This mode changes minecart physics (with option to toggle it per minecart for people who need vanilla physics) and adds multiple new types of minecarts and rails with their own functionality!

It's fully server side (singleplayer compatible).